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Nellie’s Break the Fast

Wait, Jack? Writing a restaurant review? That’s a new one. Only because Andrea wasn’t actually there when I went out to Nellie’s Break the Fast. I went to Nellie’s with a good friend from my Student Union days of yore to catch up. This was at 7 am in the morning, after an overnight shift…


London: Draughts

Hi, it’s Jack. I haven’t written in awhile, but I’m here now! Why? Because board games. I’m a huge fan of board games and I’ve been getting more and more into the hobby since 2010. I’d continue to extole on the subject of board games and why the hobby is so great, but that’s certainly not…

queen of tarts dublin ireland

Queen of Tarts

Surprisingly we’ve managed to review quite a number of restaurants and small eateries in Dublin in the time that we’ve been here. The Queen of Tarts was a delicious last repast and I’m sure you can guess how it ended.