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Monthly Meals: November

This month’s food saw me being a little more British. I baked a lot more chicken (living at my aunt’s place made me realize baked chicken is almost always a one-way road to a quick and tasty dinner), attempted lasagna again, made bread pudding and custard to pour over it, tried some sort of beef…

blurry harrods lights christmas 2014

The V&A and Harrods

The thing about British museums is that many of them are packed with goodies to see and admire. One museum can easily fill up a day (or two!) so it’s no wonder that we took so long to finally check out the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the Victoria and Albert Museum (hereafter the V&A)…

apple bread pudding

Apple Bread Pudding

Sometimes I make things that I like, but Jack doesn’t like, and then it means a lot of food for me. I should try doing this more often.

Dalek and me; It was fatter than I thought it’d be!

The Who Shop

*doo doo doooooo doo doo dooooo… do do do… do do do* That was my impression of the Doctor Who theme. I know, I’m a prodigy.