Scotland: Edinburgh (part 1)

Although the school year in the UK is much more spread out than the Canadian school year (we started 1 September and will proceed until 21 July) there are a few more extended holidays in the school year, giving Jack and I the opportunity to explore other countries nearby. First stop at the first half-break…

The London Life (After 4 Months)

Or rather, the Greater London Area life after 4 months as a teacher married to another teacher.   Life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d expect it to. For example, a year ago, I did not know that I’d be getting married so soon, nor that I’d be teaching in London. Funny how life does…


Canadian vs UK Schools

…is the comparison I would like to make. However, knowing that dependent on the province, city, district, specific school that you’re in, things can be quite different. So perhaps a more specific (and unfortunately less catchy (and therefore not being used)) title is: Tom Baines and Sir Winston Churchill vs. The Warren. Or what I remember…


Sherlock in the Rain

Contrary to some people’s popular opinion, the Oxford comma is not taught in English schools. Not at ours, anyway. The debate rages on, just like the rain that pelted down one Saturday afternoon as we explored London on our own.


Not a Girl Scouts’ Camp

This post is probably the most difficult to write because it discusses how teaching in the UK for the past three and a half months has been the opposite of a picnic. Although by the time this post is published, I’ll have survived the first term. And I really do mean survived.