Bon Ton’s Meat Market

For some odd reason the name Bon Ton’s is a cause for amusement.

Me: Hey, have you guys heard of Bon Ton’s Meat Market?

O: *sniggle* Are you trolling?

K: I think she’s trolling.

Me: No, I’m not. It’s an actual place.

(O and K calm down)

O: Okay, where is this meat market?

Me: By the hospital. I hear they sell really good –

(cue uncontrollable sniggering again)

Me: T___T

(O and K calm down again)

O: So what were you going to say?

Me: iheartheysellsteakandkidneypie…

(more laughter)

O: O you, you’ll kill me one of these days.

Later I learned that Bon Ton used to be a term for describing someone who was brought up very well, such as “She’s very bon ton” and that a meat market, according to Google, can be “a meeting place… for people seeking sexual encounters.” Thanks, Mum. I didn’t need my world to be enlightened that much. Hit the jump for more on the actual journey.

Anyway, all horrible jokes aside, I got to go to Bon Ton’s with J! Yay! It was a really lovely day outside and we got to take a shortcut in between roads. Shortcuts are really fun. I didn’t take a picture of our shortcut though, because it’s more fun when you discover shortcuts yourself. As you can see though, the sky was super blue and very hot.

We arrived at Bon Ton’s fairly quickly (it’s about a twelve minute walk from the university if you’ve got short legs like me) and noticed a place that we had not noticed before:

We walked inside and were confronted with what looked like a mini grocery-market, except that there was an entire display case for cheeses and deli meats, another display case for cakes (CAKE!) and another display case for PIES!

Yay! Have I told you how much I love pies? I love pies!

And you know what? Not only are these pies adorable and served hot, they’re also priced well for the savvy eater. Bon Ton’s also sells cabbage rolls, ribs, wings, sausage rolls, their own sausages (and other meats, not pictured here) as well as take-out dinners, frozen pies (frozen FRUIT PIES too!) and cakes! Oy.

We ordered two steak and kidney pies and one sausage roll. J wouldn’t let me carry the bag; always being the gentleman that way ^^.

Pie picture time!

There was surprisingly a lot of sauce in the steak and kidney pie. Then again, I’ve never had steak and kidney pie. When it comes to meat pies, I’m more a solid meat-and-potatoes kinda girl instead of meat and gravy (gravy can be poured over the pie but it doesn’t have to be inside), but this was pretty tasty nonetheless. The pastry was flaky and thick enough to hold in the gravy but not overly thick.

At $2.30 I was pretty impressed with the pie. Next time I’m definitely trying the other pies; I think two could be a full meal. The sausage roll was also delicious; probably because they make their own sausages with all those x number of secret herbs and spices. Although I do prefer bread-sausage rolls as opposed to those wrapped in pastry, ‘twas delicious and well worth the $1.45.

Yay for stop #1! If you’re interested in checking out some Brit-style pies, or you’re living in rez, or need a microwave dinner or dessert or a snack or a PIE, get some exercise, walk to Bon Ton’s (or take the number 20 from the university loop) and back and enjoy yourself a tasty treat!


Bon Ton’s Meat Market
1941 Uxbridge Drive Northwest
(403) 282-3132

Pros: Large variety of food (in terms of covering the food groups), hot eats and cool treats (although that’s copyrighted) and a very close walk from the university (which is where I live, half the time). Most things seemed very fairly priced. The pies were definitely a great choice: they’re tasty but small enough to not be too heavy on the stomach.

Cons: This is a personal preference, but I’d enjoy seeing more steak and kidney in a pie, a little less pastry and less gravy. Maybe next time I’ll change my mind when I try a different pie ^^.

– an

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