Food Run: The Big Cheese Poutinerie, Crepe Avenue, Destination Pearl House and Peters’ Drive-In

Alright. I am totally supposed to be working on my paper right now (because it’s due in six days and I am at 0/3500 words) BUT I’ve hit writer’s block…

… so of course the obvious thing would be to go write a blog post to get those writing-juices running, write right?

This is out of order too, but I thought, hey, what the heck. I’m sure other people want to read about food because they don’t want to study for exams/write papers/finish labs too, SO dear reader, this is for you =D.

Almost two months ago (time flies so fast. Hello, oldness) J and I went on an excellent food run, somewhat guided by those excellent Urban Spoon reviews and somewhat guided by our stomachs (more the latter than the former, I think).

Our first stop was The Big Cheese Poutinerie! And boy, was it empty when we got there. I think it had something to do with the weekend being the Thanksgiving weekend.

Undaunted by the emptiness, we decided to order anyway. After careful consideration (which means we took turns saying “You order,” “No, you order,” until the other person gave in), we decided to share a small Pigasus. Hit the link for pictures of actual food and not just me dancing like a maniac.

Oh yes. The Pigasus was as delicious as it sounded (like a flying pig, that is).

On the menu, the Pigasus is described as poutine with “shaved grilled chicken breast, double-smoked bacon, baby green peas and caramelized onions,” all for the price of $7.99. I realize that may sound pricey for poutine (especially when you can get poutine from Costco for much less) but the price was worth it. J was dubious about ordering a small at first too, but the portion was enough to make us moderately full, even though we shared a small! Oh man. So delicious. So so delicious.

Would I go there again? Definitely. Was it worth my money? Ohoho, yes it was. I’ll stop drooling now.

Our next stop was some crepe place. Actually, it was Crepe Avenue, located in Kensington. Although it was night, we parked some ways away and decided to run around Kensington for a little bit before ordering crepes. Correction: one crepe. Because one crepe was… un oeuf.

Did you enjoy that =D? I feel my writing-juices starting to run already!

Crepe Avenue felt really tucked away on its spot in Kensington. We had just had poutine (I think I mentioned something about that to you), so we decided to order something sweet. J let me choose (yay!) and we ended up ordering a strawberry chocolate crepe.

The crepe was $6.19; again, a little pricier than, say, the crepes at Market Mall, but these ones were very delicious. I’ve been finding that fast food court-crepes have been getting thicker and thicker, but these were delicately thin and stuffed full of topping. You can’t go wrong with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce.

I forgot to take a picture of the crepe without my silly mug, so there you go. There were also really pretty lights on the tree outside of Crepe Avenue. Also! If you can’t see, in the corner, it says you get 10% off your crepe if you show your student ID. Being a student has lots of perks (despite having to write papers).
We walked around for a bit to burn off all those calories enjoy the sights like a touristKensington and then headed off for some bubble tea and wings. Yay!
I’m sure you all know where Destination is, but if you don’t, click here. Some of you might know it as the former APM, but it’s now been revamped (again) and set up as a different bubble tea house.
I enjoy their creative names. Hey, if you’re gonna mix a bunch of fruit in a glass and add tapioca, you might as well call it something interesting. I think ours was a Tragic Hero. It went well with the fact that there were no wings (!!!); we ordered satay fish balls instead. At 25c per ball (boy that’s weird to type) we ended up paying $2.50 for the dish and around $5 for the drink (although my memory is fuzzy on that).
Not bad, really. The satay flavour came more from the sauce than anything. At least they were served piping hot. I probably wouldn’t stop by Destination just for the fish balls, but the bubble tea was sure tasty.
Our last stop (you’re probably thinking we’re a buncha fatties now =/) was Peters’ Drive-In. We ordered a maple walnut milkshake ($4.50) and a cheese dog ($3.30). The cheese dog was really a hot dog with a slice of cheese in it, fyi. Again, the main attraction here was the drink. Peters’ milkshakes might not bring all the boys to the yard, but they certainly attract a lot of people for a chilly autumn evening.
And that concluded our delicious food run. We both enjoyed it because we got a bit of exercise (in between all that eating) and we also had a whole lotta variety of food for the same, if not much less what most people pay when they eat out. Steak dinner for two? You might check upwards of $50, and that’s not to include drinks or desserts. Food run for two? If you’ve been keeping count, our whole night cost less than $32 and -omnomnomnom- need I say we were satisfied?
Happy eating to you foodies!
The Big Cheese Poutinerie
738 17 Ave SW
(403) 457-2873

Pros: Large portions and ample amounts of toppings on already-delicious potatoes. Hot gravy and fresh curds. Can you say “perfect poutine?”

Cons: Relatively lower reviews on UrbanSpoon downplayed my expectations. I think the trick is to go when there are less people, because that way they’ll pay more attention to making your poutine. Complaints on UrbanSpoon seem more frequent when people go during lunch hour; we went when the restaurant was completely empty and the food was delicious.

Big Cheese Poutinerie on Urbanspoon
Crepe Avenue
#103,330-10th Street NW
(403) 452-6160

Pros: Hot thin crepes that make you feel foreign when you bite into ‘em because no way North American crepes can be this good. That was a terrible sentence, wasn’t it? But the crepe was so good.

Cons: None that I can think of. I guess it seemed a little sketchy since we visited at night (and there were people talking literature and politics at the front of the place; I wouldn’t call them hipsters) but that’s it.

Crepe Avenue on Urbanspoon

Destination Pearl House
118-1623 Centre Street NW
(403) 276-8816
Pros: Creative names for bubble tea that is pretty decent. Service is alright. I enjoy the wings there more than at Bubblemania, but…
Cons: … they didn’t have wings and their fish balls weren’t amazing. Better luck next time.
Destination Pearl House on Urbanspoon
Peters’ Drive-In
219 16 Ave NE
(403) 277-2747
Pros: Always busy and always a good place to stop by for burgers and fries. Their service is fairly efficient and the shakes are thick. The smell is also delicious, but what burger place isn’t?
Cons: It was a little chilly having to wait outside in the night time (they don’t have any inside seating). That being said, they are purely a drive-thru so I guess that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Peters' Drive-in on Urbanspoon

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