Misai Sushi

Saturdays for me are synonymous with food-day and yum-day and yay-day because of many reasons, so I’m going to share the food-day part with you. Then you can have your own yum-day when you look at the pictures and have a yay-day when you go and try out the same restaurant =D

Today we’re going to talk about Misai Sushi. It’s located somewhat close to the old T&T and feels almost out of place since it’s in a warehouse-ish area in the NE. I even forgot to take a picture of the front, so follow your GPS to get here.

Misai’s menu is pretty straightforward: pieces first, then rolls, hand rolls, ‘hot fusion rolls’ and ‘special rolls’ and combos too.

Our first dish was composed of all the separate pieces we ordered. I thought that was more efficient than putting two pieces on separate dishes. In clockwise order starting from the salmon (because everyone knows what salmon looks like… I think), we had: salmon, seared salmon, oyster and ahi tuna. Nom. I couldn’t believe how fat the ahi tuna pieces looked… and they were so pretty ^^. The oyster was really good in that its taste came through clearly without being overly fishy and, I don’t know exactly what it was (green onion and cilantro maybe?), but my mouth felt really fresh after eating it.

2012-02-04 13.22.36

The next roll came while we were eating slowly through the pieces. This roll is the Black Forest roll. On top is some type of caviar (don’t ask me, I don’t know my fish eggs), salmon, more salmon inside, cucumber and cream cheese! I don’t know whose idea it was to start putting cream cheese inside sushi, but the fusion idea really makes the roll feel heavier in the mouth. Tasty though; cream cheese and salmon rarely go wrong.
From Post 2

Partway through eating the Black Forest roll, the hot rolls arrived so we put the Black Forest roll to one side to get the benefits of hot food. Okay, this might be the worst picture I’ve taken but these two rolls were really tasty. The hand roll was a soft spider crab and salmon roe; really well done because the chef included strips of vinegar-ed carrots like the ones you find in Viet subs and the acid contrasted really nicely with the deep-fried crab. The kimchi-beef roll consisted of thin slices of beef, actual kimchi and… cream cheese. I liked it ^^ The cream cheese took away the spiciness of the kimchi but the flavour still remained to mingle with the beef, which I think was marinated in a sweet sauce. Nom. Food overall was super delicious.

From Post 3

The meal overall felt like it wrapped up very quickly, but I guess that’s because I’m used to things arriving on their own dishes, like in Sakana or Kinjo. I thought the meal was fairly pricey too, compared to other sushi places. Good thing J and I were using a Groupon; otherwise that would’ve been quite the hefty bill for a new experience. One more thing I’ll mention is that the service was pretty good. The shop closed right after we finished eating but at no time did I feel rushed or overlooked. Overall…


Misai Sushi
1915 32 Ave NE
Calgary, AB

Pros: Delicious flavour combinations in each piece that balance the overall plate quite well.

Cons: A little pricey for the amount of sushi that’s offered.

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