Over Easy Breakfast Co.

Alright, time for a little Jeopardy-style trivia. This charming person loves breakfast food (but not bacon!), has an affinity for pigs (hence the no-bacon policy) and likes to try out new places to eat?

If you answered “Who is Coral?” then you are absolutely right. And if you don’t know who Coral is… aw. One of my closest friends, Coral is abso-bally-lutely lovely because of her listening ear and her considerate heart, among other things.

Since she’s so wonderful, it’s no wonder that I should want to take her out to an equally wonderful and charming place: OEB Breakfast Co. (OEB), formerly known as Over Easy Breakfast. I regret not having taken more pictures of the interior, but I can assure you that it is just as cozy and quirky as the picture below suggests. I pulled the following photo from OEB’s website, found here.

Anyway, we ordered and the food was delicious, as always. I think at this time it was either my third or fourth time at the restaurant. It was a cold winter’s day out and we both needed something filling and delicious.

Coral ordered the benny upstream (13.99), and she tells me everything was really delicious. Nom nom nom. I got to try a bit and, while the English muffin wasn’t as hot as I’d like it to be, the egg was cooked perfectly and the hollandaise sauce wasn’t as heavy as I’ve had at other restaurants.

from post 2

If you go to OEB for your first time, feel free to order anything but make sure your dish include EGGS. They are masters at cooking eggs. This time around I ordered the eggstra-ordinary brioche sandwich (9.25) and, because I was really craving their potatoes, I ordered a bowl of crisp herb potatoes (4.75). I did not know this, but their potatoes are cooked in organic duck fat. Maybe that’s why they’re so darn tasty! The potatoes were light and crispy on the tongue and both the salt and herb flavours came through nicely. The brioche sandwich, on the other hand, was a little heavier than expected (I guess brioche bread has a different texture) but the sundried tomatoes added a nice salty zing to the scrambled eggs and mushrooms. I ended up spreading jam on one of my toast slices and eating the other slice with eggs, rather than as a complete sandwich.

from post 3

This and this, combined with fabulous company, totally made my day.

My review on this one may be a little biased as I’ve already been to OEB several times beforehand, and I am writing from memory (catching up on blogging can have its downsides).


OEB Breakfast Co.

824 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary AB T2E3J6

Pros: The food is delicious, not unnecessarily oily and the staff is efficient. Waitresses come by with coffee thermoses to make sure your cup is hot and full, and quality checks are consistent with every visit I’ve made. Modern yet comfy décor is present, as is down-to-earth cooking that makes you feel right at home.

Cons: The wait will probably be the worst thing about your visit. Come early if you want good seats, because the place is tiny. Seating may be crammed for bigger people (bigger than me, I mean, and Coral and I are tiny XD) and the place is a little noisy. Finally, if you’re used to under-$10 grand slams from Denny’s, these breakfasts may seem a little pricier (in this case, $14 for each of us). However, if you’re the type who likes to frequent Cora’s, change your mind and get a better breakfast for your buck for roughly the same prices.

OEB Breakfast Co. on Urbanspoon

Happy breakfasting (=

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