Redwater Grille

Classy places usually make me cringe a little bit inside, but I’ll go if good friends go. Or, in this case, family. Redwater Grille is one of those classy high-end places despite its location (university students can’t pay that kinda cash XD), but man, the food sure is tasty.

This time around was my second or third time at the location and my parents were paying. Consistently the restaurant’s had a cool and pleasant atmosphere; not too noisy, not too crowded but sufficiently occupied and bustling to make you feel comfortable. I made a reservation through Open Table this time (to earn points!) and had no trouble getting in. Just to keep you in suspense (because the first picture looks reealll good), hit the jump to keep on reading =D.

B ordered the smoked brisket reuben (13.95), which came with pickled red cabbage and swiss cheese, and fries on the side. Out of all the sandwiches I honestly think this was the best. Smooth, savoury and oh-so-good. That was also my impression from only a bite, too.

Next up was Dad’s Angus beef burger (12.95), with a side of the daily soup (some sort of seafood liquid). Dad always loves a great burger, so he was fairly pleased with his choice. The meat I found a little chewy but overall, still well-cooked and well paired with its veggies.

On the topic of the soup… ugh. That was probably the low point of the meal. It was some sort of orange salty… thing. Not much taste to it and unfortunately I think it might’ve been an experiment more than anything else. Oh well. Good thing it was only a side XD.

Mum’s soup and sandwich deal (11.95) turned out to be very tasty, with tomato and corn soup on the side and a turkey and provolone sandwich as the main. Whoo-rah. Straightforward and scrumptious, like any good meal should be.

My meal was a seafood burger (14.95) with another dish of the funny brew (I meant the soup) and I’m very glad to say that the burger was yummy. Moist and flavourful, the burger was composed of crab, salmon and baby shrimp, all paired with avocado, arugula and pickled onion.

I should mention that service was quick, straightforward and fairly pleasant, too. Probably the best thing about eating out with family (and close friends) is that we all like to share bits of our dishes with everyone else. It might not be the full meal experience, but everyone gets to try a little bit of everything.


Redwater Rustic Grille – Stadium Location
1935 Uxbridge Drive NW

Pros:  Good service, rather decent food even at that price. ‘Nuff said.

Cons: Oh wait, except for that soup.

Redwater Rustic Grille Stadium on Urbanspoon

I’ll probably come here again with friends that consider this place a location for special celebrations, and gladly.

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