Sun’s BBQ Restaurant (新釗記)

EDIT: From what I hear the place is under new management since I last checked it out, so this review may or may not be entirely accurate. Thanks for your attention (=

A little while back my dad and I decided to go out for some father-daughter time. What I love about my dad is that he’s a very no-nonsense down-to-earth comforting kinda guy. That’s a lot of adjectives, but that’s my dad. We went out to 新釗記 (Sun’s BBQ Restaurant, apparently) for some good ol’ Hong Kong cafe-style food. Located in Lambda Market (聯達中心), parking is super limited and tight, so if you’re planning to go make sure you have several back-up plans for parking around Centre Street. The restaurant inside looks kinda old (seats and some decor were renovated not too long ago) and they sell a lot of barbecued meats up at the front, but the place is usually pretty busy even during non-rush hours.

Both of us ordered the baked pork chop with rice (焗豬排飯; 7.95) since 1) it’s a favourite we share and 2) it was offered as a tea-time special. Normally the dish is 11.95, if I recall correctly. Dad warned me of the long wait; the restaurant typically bakes the dish once you order it, so it’s bound to take some time in the oven. Since it was a tea-time special the dish came with a drink as well. Yay for 奶茶!

Indeed, both dishes took their time coming out, but they were so worth the wait. Guah. The cheese was freshly melted, the sauce was good, the pork chop well cooked… everything was obviously put together fresh and cooked to perfection.

Seriously, this place is so good. Dad left for Vancouver soon after our meal and called back home just to tell me that he actually thought the dish from 新釗記 was so much better.

Omnomnomnom. I am so craving for that dish again.


Sun’s BBQ Restaurant (新釗記)
1423 Centre Street N
Calgary, AB T2E

Pros:  We only ordered one dish, but I’ve been here before dozens of times and have always enjoyed the food. Regular prices aren’t bad for the amount of food you get and everything is super delicious.

Cons: Parking can become quite the issue, and I would imagine that it just gets worse with our Calgary weather. Because the restaurant itself is quite small there can also be a huge wait for food, especially on the weekends. If you’re not used to a high level of noise, you also might be turned off by this location (but that’s no excuse for not treating yourself to good food!)

Sun's BBQ Restaruant on Urbanspoon

I’ll admit it; I’ve been a huge fan of the place because of its fairly consistent high quality and its ability to satisfy the cravings I get for HK-cafe food. I’ve also been here with friends and family dozens of times, so I guess the company I keep could make me rather biased… so you should go try it out for yourself (=

Happy nommage!

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