If you live up or hang out around Calgary NW, chances are you’ve realized by now that there’s a new brunch place up in Crowfoot. Hello there, EggsOasis. J, Mocha, myself and both of our mums decided to go try it out one morning. We went earlier since later times were likely to be busier (it was Family Day) and decided to check out the new brunch place.

When you’re walking into a restaurant early in the morning looking for some delicious means to break your fast, appearances matter, especially lighting. The place seemed nice at first glance, but that’s because I was expecting the inside of Blockbuster, which is what the place used to be. Bright lights paired with pale lemon yellow walls cheapened the feel of the place and, despite the appeal of the colourful artwork, the whole place felt like a decorated cafeteria. Personally I think a darker wall colour like a deep burgundy might serve to create a more class atmosphere. We were seated in the corner of the restaurant, an ideal location to observe everything going on but also a dangerous spot because of the oddly raised step on which our booth sat. We ordered and the food came quickly enough, just in time to avoid the rush that began after 9:30 AM.

2013-02-18 15.42.43

Mocha ordered Forrester’s eggs benedict (12.65) which came with two poached eggs served on an English muffin covered with hollandaise sauce, sautéed mushrooms and a choice of meat, accompanied with homestyle potatoes and garnished with fresh fruits. Overall he thought it was decent enough; the biggest letdown was that he had asked for bacon but received sausage.

2013-02-18 16.03.45

J’s mum on the other hand ordered the smoked salmon eggs benedict (14.55). This one was pretty tasty, with just the right amount of hollandaise sauce (which tasted lighter than usual). She did mention though that she preferred OEB’s version of the dish though.

2013-02-18 09.02.54

My mum decided to go for something simpler and ordered the traditional eggs plate with a choice of meat (7.25). This came with two eggs done over easy, a side of meat (she chose sausage), homestyle potatoes, fresh fruits and toast. The eggs, according to her, weren’t done very well and could have been softer.

2013-02-18 16.02.48

J ordered the hunter’s omelette (13.95), a mix of bacon, ham, sausage and melted cheddar cheese, also served with the same homestyle potatoes, fresh fruits and toast. He pointed out that the potatoes didn’t taste consistently fresh; some were hotter and crispier than other slices and some were downright stale.

2013-02-18 16.03.19

My dish was labeled DB1, or called a Double Bite. DB1 (12.95) consisted of two eggs served with strawberry or blueberry crepe and home style custard, homestyle potatoes, fresh fruits, bacon and sausage. Strangely enough the waitress didn’t ask which crepe I preferred. Maybe she forgot. The best thing about the dish was probably the crepe; the worst was probably the potatoes, which I thought could have used more herbs. The upside about the potatoes was that it complemented the salty sausages. Fruit was also dry and, J and I noticed, arranged in nearly the same way on every plate with a lettuce garnish. In fact, there was evidently very little thought given to the presentation of our plates, again reinforcing the feeling that this place was more akin to an upgraded cafeteria than a trendy brunch place.

2013-02-18 16.02.58

 Overall the food was cooked decently. Nothing was horrible but nothing stood out either, which was surprising considering the price point. Many individual components were lackluster enough that I could have saved my money cooking at home rather than trying out the new place. What further took away from the experience was a buildup of small service flaws: Mum didn’t have a knife on her table, our table didn’t have ketchup for the potatoes until we flagged down the waitress, the coffee pitcher was left empty until we flagged down the waitress for the third time (because she only stayed long enough to answer one question at a time) and our waitress may have been new or very inexperienced, seeing as she forgot to ask about the crepes and wrote down the wrong order of meat. On the plus side our table was near the kitchen so we had six quality checks throughout the entire meal (an insane record) and the waitresses were constantly very friendly, even if they were inexperienced.


10 Crowfoot Terrace NW
Calgary AB T3G4J8

Pros: This is a newly-opened place so there is the chance that service and food quality will go up as the staff gain more experience. Staff is friendly and surprisingly available despite the rush that is inevitable to a new breakfast place up in the NW. Food feels like a home-cooked meal but…

Cons: … that’s as far as it gets. EggsOasis is like a newlywed wife: there’s some effort, but it’s lacking a ton in great taste and technique. A lot of that probably comes from a lack of experience. Food at the very least should be hot, but our dishes were mostly warm at best. Overall the best word for the food might be decent but at its price-point, which I would say comparable to Cora’s or OEB, the food is really lacking in quality and therefore value.

Eggsoasis on Urbanspoon

Yes, this place is new. If you’re thinking of trying it out because you’re wanting something different from Cora’s, I’d recommend saving your money and try cooking at home. This location needs another year’s worth of experience and a lot more pizzazz to their food before I give it another go.

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