The Yardhouse

Not too long ago J and I decided to try out The Yardhouse in Kensington. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we had a Groupon (20$ for 40$). We were also hanging out together in between classes (a rare occasion!) so we decided to head off to The Yardhouse for an early dinner.

2013-03-19 16.30.10

The Yardhouse is located just down the street from Molly Malone’s, another delicious place I cannot wait to go back to. We drove into Kensington in the late afternoon and found parking easily enough. The inside of The Yardhouse was cool, quiet and had already a few patrons sitting by the bar. J and I took our seats and the waitress came by to give us menus.

For drinks J ordered their Okanagan Springs Winter Ale (special: 5) and got me a Chocolate Milk (6.43). If you’re wondering why that Chocolate Milk is capitalized and pricier than regular chocolate milk it’s because it’s not chocolate milk. Amaretto, cacao and milk make for a clean and tasty drink, but I always have to question why adult beverages are so expensive outside. J found his beer delightfully clean too, with a heavier lingering aftertaste. Nom.

2013-03-19 16.45.16

We ordered and despite the place being rather empty (with few people eating, too) our order didn’t arrive until half an hour later. Whee. The food was, however, more than good enough to make up for the time our tummies spent growling. We tore into our fries as soon as the plates hit the table (and I finished taking pictures) and found that the fries, while standard fare, were hot and fresh. J ordered the beef and sausage burger (13) and… well dang, that burger was juicy. Seared on the outside and just ever so slightly spicy on the inside (because of the Italian sausage in the patty), the burger was a thick tasty mouthful with every bite.

2013-03-19 17.13.16

I went with the pulled pork (13) and upon biting into the sandwich I realized how very long it had been since I’d eaten such a delicious pulled pork sandwich. Holy Smoke might be half the price but it came nowhere near this sandwich. The pork was ridiculously juicy yet the bun wasn’t too soggy; that is, the sauce gave it flavour but it was very obvious that the meat itself was full of moisture. I didn’t notice any coleslaw (as advertised on the menu) but I really didn’t care. It was that good.

2013-03-19 17.12.45

Nom… J and I were full up after eating the entrees alone. Good thing we didn’t order appetizers this time around.


The Yardhouse
1136 Kensington Road NW
Calgary AB T2N 3P3

Pros: The food is hot and tasty, the service friendly and the atmosphere chill. I’d probably come back with friends some time.

Cons: Service was also a bit slow but I suspect the wait might be due to us ordering meals during an off-hour. Maybe. Price is fair considering this is Kensington we’re talking about but $13/sandwich will still cause me some hesitation.

Yardhouse on Urbanspoon

In sum, The Yardhouse is tasty tasty tasty stuff. I’d come back with another Groupon to try more dishes or as a treat, when I’m craving some soft pulled pork and in the mood to open my wallet a little wider than usual.

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