Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House

J and I checked out Los Chilitos about half a year back when we picked up a Groupon for the location. I know, this review’s a bit overdue, but the menu is still current, so read with a grain of salt (or a scoop of salsa).

Coincidentally I have started learning Spanish recently, which may be why I felt an urge to write this review now. Or something. And I am catching up with reviews. Yay.

Los Chilitos is located along 17 Avenue SW and looks like a cozy little house. Indeed, J and I felt as if we were walking into a friend’s house for some chowing down.

And when you step inside it’s even more comfy-lookin’. There weren’t that many people when we arrived, but then again it was a Friday afternoon.

Since it was cold outside, J and I ordered quickly because we were anxious to have some hot food inside our bods. Wait time between ordering and eating was satisfactory; not quick, but fair enough. J ordered the chicken fajitas (16.95) and decided they were pretty tasty, except for the fact that the amount of food wasn’t that much for what he paid. The chicken was really flavourful but somewhat offset by the very cold lettuce under the fajita.

On the other hand, I ordered the huevos rancheros (10.95) and was really, really full. Refried beans and potatoes make for a really heavy meal. Everything tasted pretty darn great though. J had to help me finish my food too, haha. The crispy corn strips were a nice touch and all the sauce (or la salsa =D) made the dish a plate of delights.

The food was tasty and felt homemade in the best sense of the word; that it felt like good comfort food and that it felt authentic. I’m not native to this sort of cooking, of course, but Los Chilitos was a nice place to experience on a Groupon. Probably the biggest complaint against this place would be the wait time between clearing our dishes and getting the bill, since we were one of two small parties in the restaurant and it still took about thirty to forty minutes to get our bill after having finished the meal.


Los Chilitos
1309 – 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 5S8

Pros: Tasty food and warm atmosphere make for a lovely time.

Cons: Wait time and strange pricing.

Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House on Urbanspoon

I’d go back for the brunch menu soon enough, but you wouldn’t catch me paying almost $17 for portions that only fill halfway. Check it out sometime if you’ve got a craving for something hot and Mexican (=

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