The number of times I’ve been to this place is nearing the number of fingers on my hand (but am I counting the thumbs?!) but there’s a very good reason for all my continued patronage. This post is short and I like to keep you in suspense, so hit the link for actual pictures =D.

This time, Vivi and I visited to catch up and grab some delicious chow We ended up ordering the same dish and an appetizer to start the meal off. The takoyaki (4.95) was steaming hot but not crispy (which it should be), and soft and chewy on the inside (which it should be also). One outta two ain’t bad, especially with the sauce and mayo, and it was definitely good enough that we started eating before remembering to take a picture.


Our beef yakisoba (9.95) came shortly after and, hands down, after two and a half years this dish is still my absolute favourite at the restaurant. The sauce is sweet, the egg is thick, the beef is tender and the noodles… well, the noodles could star in a musical. A Japanese opera. The quantity of food is also ridiculously lots, and is enough to fill even my tummy until I am so happy-full.



326 – 14 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z7

Pros: Lasting quality, straightforward and very polite service and decent prices all around.

Cons: Seating can get a bit busy but if you can get to the restaurant just a little bit earlier than dinner you’ll get in fine. The hours are strange, with Muku being closed sometimes in between lunch and dinner, but it’s still okay.

Muku Japanese Ramen on Urbanspoon

There really isn’t much else I can add to the list of glowing reviews Muku’s already earned, except to point out that despite me being the picky, frugal eater I am, I’ve returned to this place more times than any other sit-down restaurant in Calgary, and would go once more in a heartbeat.

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