Most blog posts usually take a good hour to compose, but this post is particularly difficult to write. I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I should start with the confession (over Montreal smoked meat sliders) that I felt left out of my church group. Or maybe I should start with the second confession that I really believed that I was easily forgotten and disposable (over chili and fries). Or maybe we just need to discuss healthier eating habits.

In all seriousness though, each of the above thoughts have crowded my mind in increasing frequency as I contemplate leaving. Two nights ago though I was never so glad to have been proven wrong.

You saw this in your head too, right?

Everything started when B asked me out for some brother / sister time. He insisted that we stay close to home because he didn’t want to drive out too far. Near the end of our meal he realized via text that someone had dropped something off for him (although he wouldn’t tell me who) so we went home. B’s friend seemed to have left and the house was all lit up. I heard mysterious ping pong ball noises coming from the basement and wondered who Dad was playing with. Mum had the vacuum going though so I assumed everything was okay (cleaning is normal).

Then I went upstairs (despite noticing a suspicious smirk from B) and walked into this, and my jaw fell off).


And this too:


And I just sorta walked into the middle realizing that every balloon had a picture or a card. Oh, then I noticed the two scary people under my desk XD. Chan, Tanger, Nan, GT and Ed-san spent an hour or two with B and I eating pie and ice cream. Before they left though, in the few moments I had alone with Nan, I cried. To some extent I thought that maybe my church friends didn’t like me. But this love manifested was so humbling, I felt so ashamed for having doubted in the first place.


So I write to you in particular, you Westsiders. Thank you so much for the prayers and the love and the generosity with which you bless me. I hope we love together others just as well, because if everyone experienced this sort of love from friends and family in Christ I think we will shine ever brighter for Him.

Thank you!

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