Summer Project: Harry Potter and the Transforming Munny

Having neglected to take before and after photos, I encourage you all to Google “blank mini Munny” to see the initial product. This was originally J’s but he let me decorate it. Each Munny is sold with a mystery accessory of its own – this one came with glasses so I decided to attempt a homage to The Boy Who Lived.

His wand is a pear stem :D

Hit the jump for more on the processes :D
A quick summary of the process: 3 coats of spray-on gloss, 3 coats of skin-tone acrylic (and black for the glasses), pens and sharpie for the face and body scars, 2 more coats of gloss (at which point the acrylic, which had had almost a full week to dry, somehow started melting into my fingers so that poor Harry has tiny patches of his original self showing through), 2 hours to create and glue on 6 layers of embroidery floss, 10 minutes to bake dry and gloss a pear stem for Harry’s wand, 3 hours to sew a scarlet silky vest, pseudo-jeans, cloak and masking tape school crest and 10 minutes to assemble and photograph.


I had a lot of fun paying attention to book details like how his eyes looked like Lily’s or the scars that Harry accumulated (I must not tell lies, the time Wormtail cut Harry for blood and the burn from the Horcrux are all included). The whole thing was tons of fun for a summer-day (though i don’t know if I’d be up for one again anytime spoon, especially if it’s a hairy character) and now J has a new figurine. Hope you enjoyed looking ^^.


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