The Move II

This is the first thing I noticed about Vancouver when we woke up the next day to pick up a few things from Superstore:

No, I don’t buy ketone supplements XD.

Electronic price tags! They change to reflect promotional prices and I thought they were really neat. Yeah, that’s what post #1 from Vancouver is going to be only about (if you don’t read any further).

Moving right now feels a little like if you were a tree and you ripped yourself free of the roots you’ve established, grabbed all the squirrels and lichen you’d accumulated over the course of your first growth and tramped across the countryside to try and dig your metaphorical feet into the new soil that is now supposedly your new home. I s’pose you cheerful types can all chatter about the start of a new chapter (yadda yadda yay) but to be honest I’m just feeling trepidation and a little fear.

I think I feel like even more of a first year student than when I was actually in my first year of university o—o.

Anyway, more on moving in when I actually move in. I’m kipping at my grandma’s right now. To cheer you up, here’s the weather report change from Cow-town (top) to Vancity’s (bottom).


Chat with you all soon (=


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