Un-becoming and Becoming a Room

Dad and Aaron left this morning for Calgary. Visited the FLOW page and my number was gone because Kt and Tc are the new counselors. The only thing that’s really obviously Calgarian is my phone number and I’m keeping that… but I’m starting to feel homesick.

Anyway, this is what happened during the room-cleaning hurricane that hit my room. All the right clothes were somehow flung onto the bed and shoes landed in a basket and stationary landed in a printer box. All my chargers ended up inside a little bear, too. Go figure.

Do you remember this kerfuffle?
Do you remember this kerfuffle?

Write_Packing and Unpacking

Uh yeah, somehow my stuffed animals got in on the fun too.

Another tornado later and everything that wasn’t in a box was in a suitcase too. It’s possible a box was put into a suitcase too! Crazy.


I brought everything here except for the mat and plant. Basil don't like no travelin'.
I brought everything here except for the mat and plant. Basil don’t like no travelin’.

Almost 72 hours after everything had been packed, the time for unpacking had come.

My aunt and uncle were super sweet and bought a table for my room downstairs. The rest was already there: portable wardrobe (home of the now dead daddy longlegs family D: augh), bed frame with drawers, mattress and coat rack. I’m living the bachelorette life (sorta) (not really). Unpacking was a lot quicker than I expected, especially because B was helping out by dumping everything out of things onto all surfaces available. Here’s the final result:

Write_Packing and Unpacking-001

I guess this is home for the next year or so. More updates on the room when I get around to decorating it (=


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