On Singing Praises and Stinging Phases

There are many hilarious resemblances between my Vancouver family and my Calgary family, like how both my uncle and dad will leave a little bit of food on the plate at the end of dinner and go off in search of dessert instead. They like their sweet snacks, too.

Ovaltine and blueberry cookies make for a lovely study snack, courtesy of Uncle P of course.

T-rex also makes weekend noodles, which reminds me quite gnawingly of another guy that I miss rather much.

And yeah, both those pictures are of food. Maybe that’s how I find home in new places: through eating.

Anyway, life has been pretty great, because everything from my classes to my feeling of home in Vancouver has been way better than I could have imagined. With that in mind I really can’t ask for anything more, yet this morning I felt moved during prayer time to ask God for a female Christian classmate with whom I could be good friends (EDIT: checked my journal and I wrote: “I would like to find a sister in Christ in the secondary program. I don’t know why exactly I’m asking for that, but if it’s Your will, Lord, let me find a female peer who loves You and follows You too”.) I was hesitant at first, asking for such a thing in prayer, because usually I ask God to change me and I haven’t really ever asked Him to give me something outright. But, moved I felt so prayed I did.

Come break time today I wNas studying alone and feeling alone when I felt something crawling up my leg. My first reaction was that I was imagining things, until I grabbed at my pants leg and felt a very un-imaginary little body. Of course I crushed it in sheer horror (thoughts of a vengeful spider or the scarabs from The Mummy came to mind) and immediately I felt this sharp pain. A dirty great stinger was embedded in my leg and the bee, which had between so dutifully exploring my calf, rolled out ignobly onto the linoleum.

RIP the bee who couldn't buzz off

Ugh. Luckily I am prepared usually with antibacterial stuff and Band-Aids so I yanked the stinger out, made like a brave soul and pouted.

Deserted by humans and damaged by insects, is what I thought as I limped to my next class. The classroom I was in began to fill up and then another girl sat down. She was wearing a very prominent cross so I asked, as we introduced ourselves, if she was a Christian. She was. Later we were talking about the churches we went to and she mentioned this small one on 47th near Fraser…

Oh yeah, this is the church I'm attending.

… and it turned out we attend the same church, just in different congregations! As she talked I suddenly remembered my morning prayer, and the realization that God was giving me even more goodness was so ridiculously mind-blowing. I don’t know what the future will hold, but I know that in this moment I have experienced once more that our God is so good.

Bees are dangerous, but they sure hover near beautiful things.


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