Growing Flowers

On the verge of beginning Week 3 of classes at UBC, I present to you A Way to Make One’s Room Pretty.

But first! A picture of a baby cow! I saw this one at PNE (Pacific National Exhibition), which is sort of like Calgary’s Stampede except less crazy and more stress-free (although I like the craziness of Stampede).

2013-08-27 21.09.41

This is the room I started off with (and you can see the move-in took place not too long ago).

Write_Decorating Room

In a bit of time I transformed it to this. Poof!

2013-09-07 21.13.09

And this.

2013-09-07 21.16.54

The entire look is uncharacteristically girly BUT I did realize after putting up the decorations that they matched the blanket so all’s well that turns out well, I suppose. I didn’t plan for that to happen. The flower ball closest to BearBear’s head is also pieced together by hand; the first two balls (one by my charging station and the other over my head) were all one piece, but the third one consists of all the spare flowers and leaves that were left over in the sticker pack. You see, I had no desire to strew pink flowers all over my walls (I have not yet reached that stage of ugh-ness).

Funny story: The night before last I had such a fear of bugs that I couldn’t sleep until 1, woke up at 3, was consoled by Uncle P and sent off to sleep in the upstairs study, woke up at 730, was consoled again by Auntie W, slept at 830 in my own bed again and finally woke at 1130. I would post pictures of the bug that I found in my washroom but I feel like it might ruin the post for you so you can go look up silverfish on your own happy time. And you’re right, that story wasn’t very funny.

Long story short though, Auntie W was absolutely fabulous (and put up with my utter pansy-ness) and cleaned and sprayed my room and bathroom with insecticide. I am hoping to get eucalyptus oil and bay leaves soon as I hear they are natural deterrents for many household pests and then I hope my room will finally be fear-free! (Except for nightmares).

Cheerio from YVR ^^.


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