First Breakfast

It’s almost October and I am a bit squicked out to say that I’ve conquered 12 spiders thus far. I’ll be trying out how well citronella essential oil (cymbopogon nardus, if you will) works as a bug repellent tonight. If it raises my heart rate (as Wikipedia so fondly informs me) I’ll be sure to let you all know.

So let us now turn our minds to non-8-legged things, such as my aunt’s fabulous gas stove. Seriously. Gas stove. When was the last time I cooked on one? I’m not sure.

2013-09-07 09.42.44

Anyway, this is what I cooked up one Friday morning because somehow I was alone in the house D:

You all know how to cook an egg. Slow and easy and over low heat, yeah? Make sure your oil is heated enough (meaning it crackles if you sprinkle water on the pan).

Write_Hobbit Breakfast

Once your egg’s looking a little more solid, toss your ingredients (swiss cheese and ham, in this case) on top. Resist the urge to turn the heat up higher because slow-cooked eggs will make for better omelettes.

See that flip? That is a lovely flip. (I’m saying that because so many of my omelettes break because I rush the cooking process). I’m speaking from experience here, people.

Write_Hobbit Breakfast-001

Now of course you toss your sliced tomatoes in, then use up the rest of the oil to toast a slice of bread. Feel free to add a little extra butter to help the bread toast better.

Take about a dozen photos of your plate (this helps the dish cool down a little)…

2013-09-07 09.57.37

And then go back to studying, preferably with a hot cuppa. Enjoy (=

2013-09-07 10.03.40


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