Lost and Found

Every time I see someone wearing jeans AND a denim jacket (like I did three or four times on the bus today), I wonder if they’ve fallen out of the denim tree.

And if you got that you are a very cool person indeed.

In other news: Today, I lost my phone.

But before we start talking about the effect losing one’s phone can have on one’s heart, let’s talk about school visits. I’ve had two school visits so far, days where several of us as student teachers are invited into the school to observe teachers and their classrooms (REAL LIVE EXHIBITS STUDENTS) and they have been both really… intriguing.

For example, both schools that we attended were recently renovated (in the past several years or so) and had large open spaces with high ceilings, large windows and lots and lots of natural lighting. Golly. Gorgeousness is really wonderful in an education setting. In both schools I found the students pretty friendly and in both schools the teachers we all observed taught really well, or at least seemed to manage their classrooms quite adeptly.

One school really outdid itself though, because almost all the teachers took the time to sit down with the student teacher(s) during the classroom period and chat for at least a few minutes — teachers were offering advice, tidbits of information and helpful tips left, right and centre. As I’m attending school visits and classes, I realize I’m blessed so very much because I’m surrounded by experienced people who are willing to share their experience. Not everyone is willing to take the time to share but the ones that do reveal a very considerate heart.

Photo credit to symphony of love via Flickr, Creative Commons

Then at lunch I lost my phone. My heart is still experiencing irregular tremors. I know y’all may think that losing a phone is no big deal, but it is actually pretty important when your phone represents your ties back to all those important people back home (etc etc etc). I discovered my loss with a sinking heart at the end of third period and rushed to the front office. No phone had been turned in.

Glub glub glub.

That was the sound of my heart sinking even further.

Photo credit to lestermo21 via Flickr, Creative Commons

Get it? Sinking XD?

Then someone came out of an office holding my phone… minus the back case and battery. However, the SIM card and microSD card were still there so I figured my phone had simply dropped out. I gave it up as a somewhat lost cause; having the SIM card and phone was already more than I had hoped for and I was cheerful enough to contemplate buying a new phone.

I walked back up the stairs to look for the battery again though (because the battery was from Dad T____T). My heart wavered between being happy for a new phone and being sad for the loss of money.

Suddenly, a “Hello!” came from way down the hallway. The vice principal was walking towards me. “Guess what I found?”

A janitor (oh blessed janitor!) named Sam had apparently found my lost things while sweeping up. Praise God! I was so glad for the consideration of the school staff, like Sam the janitor and J the receptionist and M the vice principal… and I still am.  So, that’s the heart-stopping story of school visits thus far. Lots of experiences in one day, and pretty much all of them good. Jolly good.

Until next time, cheers!


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