Myers-Briggs + LOTR =

The last time I took a Myers-Briggs test was in the summer of 2012. I remember thinking that I was such a weird child because most of my results fell along a medium, or only tended slightly to one side, whereas my co-workers varied to one extreme or another. The administrator of the test kindly reminded us that we are not limited by the labels put on us and this is indeed something we should all remember.

Gotta say this though: I do sorta like being labeled with “GALADRIEL” in this case XD.

Supposedly as an INFJ I’m “devoted, innovative, individualistic, loyal, compassionate, deep, harmonious, conceptual, reserved, warm, visionary, intense, creative, insightful, sensitive, determined, committed, private, motivator, empathetic, holistic, imaginative, original, deliberate, [and] independent,” although if I’m individualistic I’m not sure how I’m also harmonious.

Check out the chart. You can try taking an abbreviated form of the Myers-Briggs test here, too.

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