Dance is Poetry

… for the eyes, that is. I just finished another Accounting 11 plan, so let’s talk about something real relaxing. world-order Yeah, I mean these guys and theirĀ dances. Golly. Into some spiffy choreography and chill beats? Click on to watch =D If you’re looking for some really neat choreography, I recommend you check out WORLD ORDER. It’s been a while since I’ve checked them out several years back but they’re still alive and kicking (at varying tempos).

Dance has always been something I know next to nothing about. I’m hoping to look more into it in the coming year (heh heh), because every time I see some spectacular dance performance (on Youtube or at my practicum high school!) I want to participate somehow in some way (without, y’know, ruining the show, lol). Anyway, enjoy! The music is pretty chill throughout and the choreography is oh-so-snappy. There’s something about their movements that is truly a visual poetry, communicating some emotion, even if the language is unknown. Okay, the next post will be a real one, when I recover from my OD’ing on lesson plans. Much love from YVR!


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