The White Rabbit

That character pretty much sums up what I’m feeling right now:

Snatched from Google, but all rights probably reserved by Disney and things.

Seriouslywhatisthislife. January will be a bit of a mad month, so I do beg your indulgence with this entertaining tidbit:

January is filled with the necessity to plan several more units, write up at least four dozen more lesson plans and a 15-page inquiry paper all within the three and a half-weeks before the madness really begins.

To all my future students, I really am trying to lead by example. If you read this and I happen to be your teacher, it is evidence that I got through a ridiculous school year and that means you can too! Woohoo!

And this is how I keep myself sane when I’m writing papers. With awesome titles.

keeping sanity

This is showing my age too, but there was a time when you could actually add animated sparkles onto your text in Microsoft Word. It didn’t do anything on paper (imagine printing a sparkling title :D) but it was really entertaining.

Pepperidge Farm Rememberss - remember when you could add animated effects to text in microsoft word? pepperidge farm remembers

Yeah I just made my first meme so what.

Back to the paper I go :D


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