Dosa Corner

Also my first Vancouver review!

This was the first restaurant I visited with Eve on the first weekend of the first month of the new year.

2014-01-11 21.09.00

And golly was it ever good.

Y’know, when I italicize that Y in “golly,” I mean serious business.

Both of us were craving something hot on the drizzly day that was Vancouver’s finest. Mind you, I like drizzle, so I’m not complaining. But the weather did make one crave a certain heat. We were also both in a very indulgent mood and decided to order, not one, but two appetizers.

Now to be sure, the place looked pretty empty for a Saturday afternoon, but we were there on a recommendation from a trusted source so we weren’t too worried. The wait for food wasn’t too long either, and because it was so empty everything came out piping hot and fresh. The first to arrive was the mixed vegetable pakora (4.5), which is essentially deep-fried nuggets of this-is-how-yo-momma-gets-you-to-eat-yo-veggies. Mixed with chickpea flour and served with two dips (a light citrus-y chutney and what I think was tamarind sauce), the eight gorgeous chunks were so good that Eve and I ate one each before remembering that this was a picture-worthy plate.

2014-01-11 21.31.23

While we were still enjoying the first few chunks of pakora, the second appetizer showed up: paneer pakora (7.25), homemade cottage cheese also coated with chickpea flour and deep-fried. I told you we were being indulgent. Eve and I did think it would be something like an Arby’s mozza stick (which I’ve never had but have seen many pictures of) but it turned out to be not gooey at all. In fact, if I didn’t know it was cheese, I would have thought it was a chewy slice of tofu. But then again, I don’t know much about Indian food. The dish was quite large, with another 8 pieces on it, and it was accompanied by the same dips that showed up on the pakora plate. The breading was really neat since it had the texture of a very light and soft bread; you couldn’t really tell the thing was deep-fried. The spices in the dish also weren’t as prominent as the ones in the mixed vegetable pakora dish, but overall it was still a tasty “side.”

2014-01-11 21.31.05

The dosas arrived almost too soon while we were enjoying both types of pakora. Eve ordered the lamb vindaloo dosa (9.75) and I, deciding to go vegetarian for once, ordered the jaipuri dosa (8.95). Oh boy. First of all, a dosa is a very large, very thin crepe made of rice batter and lentils. The texture is crispy on the outside and just slightly chewy on the inside but the ridiculous part is really how thin the crepe gets. My jaipuri dosa came with a stuffing of potato masala (spiced mashed potatoes), more Indian cottage cheese, fried cashews, onions and… raisins. To be honest the mixture sounded a little strange (which is why I picked it) but ohhh was it ever good. Seriously. I’m already hungering for another one and it’s been less than a week.

2014-01-11 21.43.53

Both our plates were accompanied by more chutneys: one was a coconut chutney (the light-green one near the top), another was a tomato-based chutney (the one at the bottom) and the larger bowl contained a delicious mixed vegetable curry; the same types of vegetables, the waitress informed me, that went into the mixed vegetable pakora. By dutifully Googling things I have discovered that this type of soup is called sambar, and it was a delightfully spicy companion to the main dish. Personally I loved how the heat never really rested on my tongue but stayed at the back of my throat, thereby exuding a warming sensation without burning off my tastebuds.

Here’s one more shot of our table before we started eating the dosas. You can see how massive the dosa is on Eve’s plate.

2014-01-11 21.44.07

Of course, with so much food, I couldn’t finish my dish and ended up taking home half my dosa as well as the appetizers you see left before us. Even cold, the spices of the dosa really came through for a refreshing but hearty taste and I can assure you, my friend, that the Dosa Corner will be on my list of places-to-bring-you should you ever visit. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, the place is super clean and the food… well golly. The food is definitely the star of the show. Cheers.


Dosa Corner
8248 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC V5X3X6
(604) 324-3672

Pros: The restaurant is a new (roughly three months old), up-and-coming family restaurant and has tons of great things going for it. The staff are friendly, the service is good and the food will win you over. The prices are quite fair, too, and I could see myself returning for a snack (ohh that veggie pakora).

Cons: Of course, the restaurant is very new. This isn’t exactly a drawback to the place, but only time will tell if the restaurant manages to hold onto the good reputation its earned thus far.

Dosa Corner on Urbanspoon

As far as a first review goes for the year, this went really, really well. Thanks, Dosa Corner!


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