Bernoulli’s Bagels

One super perk about being on a new campus (well, maybe not-so-new now, but still new) is discovering more food places at which to chow down.

And while this place may come as no bagel surprise (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE), Bernoulli’s Bagels is one tasty treat of a place.

Seeing as this is a bagel shop, I’ve decided to give this place several tries before coming to a verdict. Chances are that I’ll add to this review as I continue to eat (which should already give you an indicator of my partiality to this shop).

My very first bagel was their mixed grains bagel. This wasn’t your typical grocery-market-sprinkled-some-flax-seed-before-baking bagel. This was some serious dipped-in-bird-feed bagel, or at least that’s what it felt like. I wasn’t even sure if I was identifying all of the seeds and grains, like poppy seed, sesame seed, cracked wheat, flax seeds, sunflower seeds… dang! Of course, my first bagel had to be simple (we’ll get more complicated later on) so I ordered this baby toasted with butter (1.55$). The first bite was crunch heaven, followed by a chewy, chewy texture that belied its typical bagel shape. This wasn’t just any fluff-dough pretending to be a bagel. This was a bagel (and when I use italics, it’s serious business).

2013-10-16 21.51.10

The next time I went around I thought I’d step it up a notch with some cream cheese. And not just any cream cheese, but their advertised, made-in-house, flavoured cream cheese. For this flavour experience I chose a cinnamon raisin bagel with some cinnamon sugar cream cheese (3.30$). Mind you, adding flavoured cream cheese more than doubled the cost of this purchase, so I was expecting some real goodness. Unfortunately, while the cinnamon raisin bagel itself was really delicious (do you see how the top is crusted with a bit of sugar? Gorgeous.) the cream cheese was very mildly flavoured (I tried it on its own before biting into the bagel as a whole, mind you) and, most disappointingly, the thin layer they spread suggested to me that they had either hit the bottom of the bucket or they just doled out awful sized portions. Tim Horton’s spreads much more cream cheese than that and at a much lower price.

2013-10-21 15.43.47

With this sad sandwich in mind I decided to stick to simple things and so my third bagel was a mixed fruit (dried apricots and blueberries, if I’m not mistaken) toasted with butter (1.55$). Again, the sugar brushed onto the top made such a difference as I was crunching into this beauty. Oh bagel. Let me count the ways. Look at that golden hue.

2014-01-24 14.26.55

This post will be updated as I taste more of Bernoulli’s Bagels, but there is no question that in bagels alone Bernoulli’s is king.


Bernoulli’s Bagels
6138 Student Union Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T1Z7
(604) 822-8806

Pros: Fresh, tasty bagels that have a delightful teture and are reasonably priced for the student food court. There’s a reason that Bernoulli’s Bagels is always surrounded by students at all major meal times. The staff are also pretty friendly.

Cons: That thin layer of cream cheese haunts me and I almost wish it weren’t true. But sad cream cheese was sad cream cheese and only a second chance can possibly help that conclusion. Save your money and appreciate the simplicity of a toasted and buttered bagel instead.

Bernoulli's Bagels on Urbanspoon

There is no question that I’m coming back. I’m looking forward to a bagel sandwich next time.



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