DIY: Cards

Since Christmas, I’ve started getting a little more crafty with my hands again, seeing as I took my prof’s advice and wrote all my lessons before the practicum started. Of course, there are always lessons to revise and adaptations to write as I get to know the students better, but I’m happy to say that there is some room for breathing despite the long practicum.

My card-making started with this, at Christmas:

2013-12-02 03.54.47


From there I started making a few more cards, some for birthdays and some just because.

The materials I use for cards are all found at either the Buck or Two in Metrotown or the Dollar Tree, a chain that has locations only in British Columbia and Alberta. They sell packs of textured paper at 1.25$/3 sheets (just under 42c/sheet, which isn’t awful) and pretty much every craft supply you could want. Lately I’ve bought glass beads, plastic rhinestones, liquid glue, gardening wire (super flexible and tough), rolls of gift ribbon, red tissue paper, and just blank stock paper. Voici:

2014-02-16 17.23.41

That ribbon roll is sad because it’s almost all done. Such is the progress of life.

Anyway, from thereon I’ve made a bunch of Christmas cards and have recently turned my attentions to birthday cards, like this one…

DIY Cards-001

And this one too:

2014-01-28 18.09.21

Let’s all take a moment and be glad I don’t work for Hallmark.

Sometimes though, cards just need to be made. The material’s there and it’s begging to be shaped. Like the one below: I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun it would be to use gardening wire for branches, glass beads for buds and paper to craft a robin. Mm-mm.

DIY Cards

And that’s all I have to show for now! Hope you enjoyed (= cheerio.


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