My Hipster Cousin

So if you didn’t know, I have a hipster cousin named Lina. She’s really cool, she is. Has the ability to climb rocks and things while brewing the best darned cuppa joe you could find on this here side of the planet.

Why I suddenly started typing like that I have no idea. I reckon it’s because she brings out the Cow-gary in me.

But antics aside, she’s now on the other side of the planet making her way through the unknown and documenting her travels via blog! So if you have some hankerin’ for the world Down Under and you’re interested in living vicariously through a hipster, check her out here on her blog: The Lone Traveller XIV. I’ve included links on the front page of this blog (just click back on home, ET) but you can always bookmark her blog for some easy access.

As if you needed any more incentive, here’s a picture of her being fabulous. Go click on that picture now!

0428 Celina at the airport


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