Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge

Today’s photos brought to you by B, the best brother in the whole wide world.

Have I mentioned that he’s great at photography too? His skills came in handy when my dad decided that it was time for us to visit the one and only restaurant in the Calgary Tower over 150 m above ground level: Sky 360.

We actually went at lunch time so the sky definitely didn’t look like this, but nevertheless, the view was amazing. The central part of the restaurant is stationary, and the rest of the flooring rotates at a very slow pace so that as you eat, you eventually get a full view of the scenery surrounding the Calgary Tower. It’s pretty fabulous. The service was prompt and perhaps the best thing was that the waiters didn’t come over until they were called, leaving my family to enjoy each other’s company and the view below.

I stole this from another site because I realize I’d forgotten to ask B for pictures of the interior XD

Mind you, not all members of our family enjoyed the sensation of moving, however slowly, in a large circle. B felt slightly queasy, as did Mum, but Dad and I were quite alright. Appreciate the following pictures, please, because they were taken by a slightly motion-sick (but still fabulous) photographer. The only work I did this time was to crop the photo; nothing else was needed.

Our parents’ dishes came first: Dad ordered the smoked salmon fusilli (23) and it came with a large piece of warm foccacia. The sauce was rich (you could taste wine in every bite), the pasta well cooked, and the ingredients fresh and flavourful.


Mum, on the other hand, ordered a chicken BLT (17) with butter leaf lettuce, bacon, chicken breast, tomato, and a basil aioli, although the aioli was so light so as to be hardly noticeable. The soup that came with her dish was a potato leek soup. She enjoyed both parts of her meal so much that I almost think she could have polished off the plate singlehandedly, if it weren’t for our family’s tendency to share bits of our meal with everyone else so that we all get to try each other’s plates. I have also decided that I am a fan of butter leaf lettuce. The produce they used was obviously fresh and the chicken was very tender.


B’s dish came with mine shortly after our parents’. B ordered a chorizo burger (17) made out of a chorizo patty, ground sundried tomatoes and Spanish soffritto, a sauteed mixture of onions, red peppers, and garlic. I was surprised that he ordered the chorizo patty, since he used to not like spicy things, but this chorizo burger was a very fine choice. The heat was just enough to warm up the mouth without being overpoweringly spicy, and the bun was toasted to perfection. The fries were pretty great, too.


Amidst all this fancy food, my choice of lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich (16) and a bowl of soup. This was, however, no ordinary bowl of soup and certainly no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. The soup was the same as my mum’s, being the potato and leek soup. ‘Twas very creamy but almost too light for my taste; then again, I like my chowders quite thick and starchy. The sandwich was a different story: between two toasted pieces of bread was a generous amount of oka (mmm Canadian cheese!) and gruyere, pickled red onion, and a gorgeous hunk of shaved Alberta beef. On the side was also a small dish of cranberry horseradish dijon. This sandwich was extremely rich and I almost stopped after two bites except the beef kept calling to me. I was slightly disappointed by the pickle on top as well as the pickled onion in the sandwich because I had expected the acidity to cut through the flavours of both meat and cheese, and was then mollified by the dijon, which provided the tang I dearly needed in such a luxurious sandwich. Golly. It’s a good thing I only ate half and divided the other half into smaller portions to share with my family, because my plate held a bellyful of food.


The bill came quite promptly and we all left the restaurant feeling very satisfied. Good job, Sky 360! You’ve done us Calgarians proud. Special thanks to A. Lai (aka B), master photographer and fellow amateur foodie, for all the food pictures shown here.


Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge
Calgary Tower 101-9 Ave SW
Calgary, AB 

Pros: You really should come here just for the experience of eating in a moving restaurant. The view is fabulous and the service quite decent. The food’s quite good as well, however…

Cons: I do think the price is a little over-the-top for lunch. Little touches could have been made to each dish to make them well worth the price paid, but as they were I’d only come here for a special occasion, and even then, maybe only once to treat someone who hadn’t eaten at the restaurant yet.

Sky 360 Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

The view’s a treat and the menu is solid. You’ll have to shake out that piggybank to cover costs but for a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of treat, why not?



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