I See Fire – Cover by Ben H ft Tim Choy

Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” is probably one of the most gorgeous pieces of ear candy I’ve been hanging on to so far this year.

Then a guy I know comes up with this cover with his friend and it is guahhh-inducing.

Not only is the song oh-so-haunting, but I feel like the lyrics capture what Durin’s Folk must have gone through, in some part, at the loss of their mountain. The insight into the dwarves’ history is really one of the biggest reasons I’m loving The Hobbit movies so far, because I read the novel in grade five and never really gave thought to the dwarves or their plight, but now I am because of the way Peter Jackson is choosing to re-tell and re-write part of the stories.

The other reason this song really strikes a chord is because during my second practicum I met a lady who suffered from frequent seizures and what I thought was depression. We connected well though, because she loved Martin Freeman and all things Hobbit and I couldn’t not love someone who loved hobbits.  The song talks about the horror of losing one’s home and it, in combination of my memories of that lady, makes me wonder what it’s like for someone to develop a mental disability, and if perhaps it can be likened to being slowly be driven from one’s home, by a power against which they have little strength.



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