Just the Wedding Cake

freshprinceNow this is a story all about how
Cake plans got flipped-turned upside down
And it feels like a mad rad dream
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I made my own wedding cake out of ice cream.

Yes, I decided to make my own wedding cake. Yes, it was four days before the wedding. And yes, I’m mentally insane. Lock me up, already.

The best part of it all was that Jack is really such a chill guy. (Get it? Chill? Because it’s going to be an ice cream cake? HA). He thought it’d be fun to have an ice cream cake because that’s his favourite type of cake, so we toyed around with the idea of buying a big slab cake from DQ and slicing it up however we wanted. We canceled though, on a spur-of-the-moment decision and decided to make our own. Smart, right? No. But if you want to be mad like me come along and follow this recipe =D.

First I ground up a large package of double chocolate cookies, mixed it with a bit of butter and pressed it into a 12-inch springform pan. The following process was easy: freeze for six hours, defrost big buckets of ice cream for half an hour, spread ice cream, freeze for another six hours, defrost more ice cream, spread ice cream, freeze for another six hours, repeat ad. nauseum. What you see in the last picture is two ice cream cakes stacked on top of each other to form a super high super frozen block of goodness. The transportation was entirely taken care of by my brother, who saved my butt once again as I was running out the door in a wedding dress. B’s excellence knows no bounds.

The only thing that went really wrong was when I tried to freeze a layer of chocolate condensed milk in the middle. My guess is that the sugar content in the condensed milk was just too much for the thing to freeze properly, so instead of a condensed milk centre I had puddles of condensed milk dripping in the freezer every time I checked. The only fun I had there was in licking my fingers.

After finishing the cake, the biggest questions were 1) how to decorate it and 2) how to transport it. I finally worked out some sort of buttercream recipe that let me pipe roses onto the top and, what’s more, decided to display the cake naked, meaning without frosting around the edges. This required trimming the edges with a very sharp knife, frosting (on the morning of the wedding before my makeup was done!) and wrapping the bottom layer (because the chocolate colour was too jarring) with a large gold ribbon (thanks Chriss!).

Finally, finally… our cake was done. And now you know, wedding cakes can be homemade ice cream cakes too!


More on the wedding (and afterwards, finally, London!) to come next post!


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