Sips ‘n’ Bites: Morrison’s Pressed Juice

So Jack and I were chatting and we figured it’d be fun to start a series of posts discussing all the new snacks we’d try in the UK.

First up: Morrison’s 100% Pressed juices.

These posts are intended to be short chats on different drinks and snacks found in the UK that are not typically available in Canada. Restaurant reviews are still going to be posted as Urbanspoon reviews, although likely it’ll be awhile until I get can get that up and running again. After some discussion, Jack and I think it might work out alright if we post variations of the same product in the same post. This means a little more work for me in terms of remembering to feature a post if it’s updated, but the extra work is minimal and we’re excited to talk about the sips and bites we’ve had outside of Canada.

Morrison’s 100% Pressed Apple and Elderflower Juice

Jack: I liked this one. It’s not as acidic as apple juice normally is, but it’s just as refreshing. Would buy again if Morrison’s wasn’t so far away from where we are now.

Andrea: Mmm, elderflower. I think I first heard of elderflower in Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, but this is the first time I’ve had it.

Morrison’s 100% Pressed Clementine Juice

Andrea: This was a bit more bitter than I expected. Orange juice can sometimes be sickly sweet, which is what I was expecting from this, but maybe clementines just don’t have as much sugar?

Jack: It was a bit bitter, wasn’t it? I think I liked the apple and elderflower juice more, so we probably wouldn’t buy this one again.

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