Just Living

Sure, London life has been exciting and all, what with those museums and things to see. But regular life outside of attractions and tours is just as full of new experiences.

September 2014 marks the first month that I have ever used a laundromat, for instance. I was secretly excited but I had to hide my glee because the locals would think me weird. I get high off of new experiences, you see. It was also rather nice lugging the massive bag of wet laundry between Jack and myself back home to dry in our flat, because the sun was shining and the morning was warm.

8 - Regular Life

Other exciting things happened in September, like me spending time with my head poking out of the skylight and us finally getting our fridge (no more dinners focused on stuffing all the meat we bought the day of into our mouths because we had nowhere else to store it!)8 - Regular Life-001

In between lesson planning and house things we also visit the mall with friends. Jack and I have a mutual friend who we’ll call Artemis, and there was one day where she texted to ask if we were interested in heading out to the exact same mall that we were about to check out. Since then we’ve been hanging regularly and Arty’s been over at our place several times.

Mall food in London is great too, especially if you’re at Westfield. Below are pictures of bread for sale, our snacks (barfi and samosas), baked goods that sorely tempted me (especially those fruit tarts!) and our dinners: pie and mash and a jacket potato. The displays at the mall are also quite creative, like the massive bottle of nail polish selling (what else?) nail polish.

8 - Regular Life-002 8 - Regular Life-003 IMG_20140927_195845Within the first month of school our recruiting agency also organised a Sunday roast for the Canadian teachers to have a meal together. I didn’t take a picture of the roast (shame on me) but I did take a picture of the starter (finally discovered what prawn cocktail was) and the desserts Jack and I had (pear and chocolate tart and double fudge cake):

8 - Regular Life-004The post after next will address school. Or something. Somehow most of my posts end up talking about food, so you just watch and I’ll probably end up writing about the canteen instead of attainment and detentions.





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