Monthly Meals: September

September was characterized by pre-made hamburgers and pre-made meatballs, because that’s usually what we found on sale when we went to the grocery store after school.

9 - Dinners in September

In fact, the Sainsbury’s near us is great because there’s always discounted foods as the store nears its closing hours. Pre-made meatballs and hamburgers are commonly discounted items and quite worth the lower price paid. The first couple weeks of meals were filled with meat though, because we didn’t have a fridge and thus had to eat all the meat we bought each night.

Also, no, we didn’t have donuts for dinner one night (nor are these all the dinners we had). But I did want to include it in the mosaic of pictures. Click on the pictures below for short caption (=

If you have any meal ideas, drop me a note please! Jack keeps saying he’s okay with whatever I cook but really I’d like to try different meals (there’s only so many meals in a row where I’m okay with chopping potatoes).


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  1. Unsmileys says:

    delicious :)

    Hi :)
    Please check out my blog & if you want :) Thank you so much.It means a lot. And you have a really nice blog :) Best wishes
    Happy blogging :)

    1. alai says:

      Thanks Unsmileys! I’m enjoying your blog as well – there are so many gorgeous DIY ideas there that I’m looking forward to trying this holiday (=

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