The Golden Fish

Any first food review from the UK should be about a fish and chip shop.

This one will be short though. Jack and I stopped at The Golden Fish the night after we arrived in London and decided that since we were in London we might as well visit what looked to be the traditional fish and chips shop. There was a small queue even late at night when the restaurant seating was closed, but we soon received our piping hot cod and chips (£6.50) and a can of Tango Apple (worth its own post) as well.

Back home we unwrapped the meal to get at this:

2014-08-29 14.20.01

The chips were chunky, the portion of fish was massive and included was a small roll as well. We found the batter a bit heavy and the chips a bit soft but everything was fresh and tasty. Paired with Tango Apple we thought that our first “traditional” meal was all in all quite pleasant.


The Golden Fish

Pros: Quick friendly service and food made fresh in front of your eyes.

Cons: The price is a bit steep and seating times are limited.

Golden Fish on Urbanspoon

We’re probably not coming again (simply because there are other shops closer to us) but if you’re in the area you should check ’em out (=


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