London: Baker Street, Hyde Park and Science Museum

Contrary to some people’s popular opinion, the Oxford comma is not taught in English schools. Not at ours, anyway. The debate rages on, just like the rain that pelted down one Saturday afternoon as we explored London on our own.

We had a great day planned. Madame Tussaud’s, some music museum, the Sherlock Museum and lots of walking around. Sometimes I think, though, that the best part of having plans is being able to throw them away.

We did get off at Baker Street Station, where a large Sherlock Holmes statue could be found peering down at the crowd.

October 2014

Making our way past that statue, we then decided to look for 221b Baker Street first before going to Madame Tussaud’s. Apparently the museum was only a book-faithful replica of the flat, so we decided not to pay the museum fee and went to look inside the store instead. All sorts of memorabilia were there, including plenty of Watson- and Sherlock-style hats. I was sorely tempted by a gorgeous edition of all of Sherlock’s stories, but settled for a few pins instead since my year 8’s were studying detective stories.

1 - Sherlock in the RainAfterwards we wandered around the area and, instead of going to Madame Tussaud’s (suppose we’ll have to find another 2-for-1 ticket if we’re to go in the new year), we headed down Baker Street until we reached Oxford Street. Along the way we found a Beatles’ memorabilia shop, an imitation TARDIS, a music academy, a class of people taking a business course (where Jack told me I probably shouldn’t have been taking pictures, but I thought it was funny) and some wonderfully gorgeous buildings. Mmm. I do think London is a fun city to wander around in, if only to get lost in the different sorts of buildings that are everywhere.

1 - Sherlock in the Rain-001 IMG_20141004_112745

IMG_20141004_112757Having bought lunch at Pret (yeah, we real Londoners now), we ventured out through a drizzle of rain which steadily increased until we were braving a gale in the wide open of Hyde Park. Jack’s trainers were getting wet and not even the sight of the Serpentine, an old police house or a neat monument could make things better.

1 - Sherlock in the Rain-002

Although Jack was grumpy because of his wet socks (and really, I’d be bummed out if my socks went squish squish as I walked) we finally made our way into the National Science Museum. I realized that I really enjoy looking at miniatures and models. There were exhibits of everything: from 3D-printed models to the human body to things astronauts ate in space to miniature factories from the Industrial Revolution!

Golly I wish I could build one of those models.


Being in the science museum was loads of fun. Many of the exhibits were designed for a younger audience so it did feel similar to the Science Centre back home, but the trip was enjoyable nonetheless. And that wraps up our first weekend of exploring in London on our own. We did go to a restaurant so I’ll be writing that in a separate review, so for now, ciao!



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