Scotland: Glasgow

On the last morning of our stay in Edinburgh, Jack and I had one last delicious breakfast at Budget Backpackers…

3 - Scotland 2014-005

… and upon boarding the train to Glasgow, soon found ourselves in the UNESCO City of Music. As we were staying in a hotel this time (Glasgow is unfortunately lacking in hostels), we dropped off our bags at reception and set off exploring the city on foot.

At first glance Glasgow didn’t seem to be as interesting as Edinburgh. To be sure, there were still interesting structures like the Clyde Arc, but the city didn’t have the same sort of breathtaking historical impact that Edinburgh did when we first arrived in Scotland.

IMG_20141028_130026The nice thing about first impressions, however, is that they’re often quite wrong, especially when it comes to new cities.

The very first place we stopped in was the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. I know the name doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but that museum was probably one of my absolute favourites. The museum was enjoyable because not only did it focus on the evolution of all types of transport (boats, trains, cars and even aeroplanes) but the displays also commented on things connected to transport, like fashion (early driving fashion looked a laugh), design blueprints and saddle manufacturing. ‘Twas this museum that also made me realize that model boats are such fascinating art pieces. A really well-built ship has so many details to marvel at, like the lines drawn or the curve of its bow. To my utter delight there was even a massive conveyor belt displaying at least two dozen models, so I stood there for a good half hour with my nose pressed up against the glass and eyes round in wonder.

After we had finished wandering around displays for a few hours, we had the opportunity to board the Tall Ship near the museum! I snapped a lovely shot over the River Clyde and on we went on our merry way.

3 - Scotland 2014-006


Originally, we thought we would check out a comedy club near the university campus, but as the night waxed we began to think that an early night would be better. In the end we grabbed a bite at a local pub and then found our way back home, where we entertained ourselves with episodes of Doctor Who and mojito pops (on sale at Tesco!)

Tomorrow, more Glasgow!



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