Scotland: Glasgow (part 2)

One thing I like about Jack is that he has a habit of getting up early, but he’ll let me sleep in.

After a chilling night of Doctor Who though, we both stayed up and then ended up sleeping in.

Our first stop was to the botanical gardens. I didn’t think it’d be very interesting because I thought it’d just be all about plants. Then I realized that I actually really like learning about plants, seeing different types of plants and taking pictures of plants. Plants are fun! Silliness aside though, the variety and shape of leaves and petals were continually fascinating. The main greenhouse was organized in such a manner that one could walk from one climate into another and see the different plants that flourished in different parts of the worlds, all in the same building. I have a lot of pictures of flowers, but I’m only going to post a few from mine and a few from Jack’s camera.

We tarried so long among the plants and stalks and leaves that we were too late to secure tickets at a local theatre called A Play, A Pie and a Pint, so we shrugged and headed off to the Kelvingrove Museum.

I guess some things I’m learning about myself as I travel a bit more are that 1. I really do get excited over any experience, so long as its new and 2. I don’t care too much for plans. They’re great, but having the freedom to toss plans aside is just as gratifying.

The Kelvingrove Museum was pretty interesting to walk through. So interesting, in fact, that we mostly forgot about our phones and wandered around just taking everything in for several hours.

2014-10-29 13.40.01 IMG_20141029_150202We explored every nook and cranny of the Kelvingrove Art Museum and then, as the place neared closing, we walked onto the University of Glasgow’s campus. Golly, was it gorgeous. I wonder what studying in a castle is like.

IMG_20141029_161827 IMG_20141029_161839Again, as the sun set, we began to pick our way back towards the hotel. We did stop by the Bon Accord for supper and, alongside vegetable soup, steak pie, steak and a traditional boiled pudding; we ordered a wee dram for the each of us to enjoy with our meal.

3 - Scotland 2014-007The day over, we turned in for the night and celebrated the end of another exploration with more mojito pops and (you guessed it) more Doctor Who. Good night, Glasgow. Hello, David Tennant.





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