Sips ‘n’ Bites: UK Sweets

The fun thing about going to a different country are the sweets you’ll find, since oftentimes these treats can be so region-specific. Here, sweets are defined as chocolates or candies, but not biscuits, which will take up a different category.

Milka’s Toffee

2014-10-12 14.40.49Milka’s Toffee candies look almost exactly as advertised on their package. A smooth hazelnut centre is surrounded by soft, chewy toffee and covered by chocolate.

Jack: I liked these. They were surprisingly chewy and the chocolate centre was nice.

Andrea: Yeah, with toffee I usually expect the candy to be a lot harder, so I guess you could say these candies sucked a lot less than I expected. Get it? Because there wasn’t that much sucking?


Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange

2014-10-29 16.52.58This was a spur-of-the-moment, we’re-in-Oxfam-so-why-not chocolate bar that we bought while we were picking our way through Glasgow. I had found a flower print dress and Jack was feeling peckish so we grabbed a bar by the cash register. Impulse buys really do work.

Andrea: To be honest I was dubious about buying a bar for £2 but when Jack pulled it out before dinner suddenly the world was made clear once again.

Jack: The orange flavour was good but the ginger wasn’t strong enough to make any difference. Still tasty, though.



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