London: The Who Shop

*doo doo doooooo doo doo dooooo… do do do… do do do*

That was my impression of the Doctor Who theme. I know, I’m a prodigy.

I also really hope no one ever takes me seriously when I say that. Also, more pictures than usual of me to follow, because Jack insists on photographing me when we’re out and about.

One rainy day Jack and I went frolicking around Barking for the sole purpose of seeking and finding The Who Shop, a little outpost devoted to all things Doctor Who.

The Who Shop

Inside were gizmos and gadgets galore to delight our inner geeks. There were past movie props, posters, keychains, stuffed Adipose and, of course, sonic screwdrivers. BZHUWZHUWZHUWZHUWT.

The coolest part though was when we discovered that the shop was home not only to cool paraphernalia but also a small museum of genuine Doctor Who costumes and stage props in the back. The entrance was (of course) through the TARDIS, whose inside truly was bigger than the outside.

Entering the TARDIS at The Who Shop

At the end of our visit we couldn’t resist a few souvenirs, so Jack bought a keychain (which he had coincidentally been wanting to buy for a while) and we chose a poster for our flat.

Goodbye Who Shop! May you never be exterminated!


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