Christmas Festivities

Yep, Andrea is madly behind posting. She does it again!

I have to say, Christmas in London was grand fun. Despite being foreigners in a new land (or something or other) we still celebrated the end of the winter half-term with our Canadian co-workers…

Our Canadian Christmas dinner (=
Our Canadian Christmas dinner (=

… with British and Portuguese colleagues (holla, Arty!)…

Dinner at the lovely Artemis'.
Dinner at the lovely Artemis’.

… and kebabs at school for all staff members on the very last day of the term. Yum for lamb.

Lamb kebab supplied at the school dinner.
Lamb kebab supplied at the school dinner.

Our nearby Sainsbury’s got into the holiday spirit with funny puns…

Sainsbury's thinks they're funny.
Sainsbury’s thinks they’re funny.

… and even the local grocer was so kind as to gift me with a bacon avocado. This particular variety of avocado is larger than the more popular Hass avocadoes and has a distinctly nuttier flavor.

A bacon avocado :D
A bacon avocado :D

Our students were probably one of the best surprises, what with us receiving at least a dozen Christmas cards and gifts under the [tinsel tree] and even mince pies (that I stole away to savour at home)

This Christmas was the first we celebrated as a married couple but also the first that we celebrated away from our families. Christmas morning was also a disaster, with me trying to make French toast in the slow cooker and ending up with an exploding bread pudding.

We didn’t let that get our spirits down though, and we celebrated the remembering of Jesus’ birth with roast duck legs, duck-fat roasted sweet potatoes, fluffy mashed potatoes and a red wine jus to top everything off.

roast duck and roast sweet potatoes christmas dinner

Merry Christmas, and God bless us everyone!


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  1. The food looks delicious.

    1. alai says:

      Thank you, roamingpursuits!

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