Next Destination: Dublin, Ireland

The trip to Ireland was filled with leprechauns and beer.

Just coddin’ yer on. Leprechauns aren’t real, ye weird kettle o’ fish.

On the day we were to go to the airport, I realized belatedly that we had some carrots and apples still left which would go bad if I left them alone, so I shredded everything with a knife (no grater in our flat) and made carrot cake. I also hurt my pinky (somehow) so carrot cake and a Spiderman plaster accompanied us to the train station.

IMG_20141226_121554 IMG_20141226_141909

By the time we made it to the airport the sky was dark, although the Christmas tree did brighten my spirits a bit.

christmas tree london airport

The shuttle that ran from the airport to the centre of Dublin was pretty efficient and we found our hostel with ease. Because it was night when we landed in Dublin, we couldn’t really see structures until we were up close, so this was one of the first ‘historic’ buildings we saw:

shadowy church

Nothing seemed to be open, and we found that this was probably because we had landed on St. Stephen’s Day, aka Boxing Day to Canadians and Britons alike. A small café still served dinner though, thank goodness, so we ate there (the Café Oasis) and slept early at the hostel.

Oh yeah, the place we were at, Generator Hostel, was pretty rad:

Next day: we skip out of merry old Dublin and into Belfast, Northern Ireland. But you just got to Dublin, you protest. Yes. Yes, we did.


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