Cafe Oasis

As mentioned before, Jack and I stumbled across this place almost entirely by accident. Still, accidental finds are almost always good finds, in my opinion.

The night was quiet and we were served quickly. Jack had the Lebanese style coconut breaded chicken (€9.99) and while the outer crust was crispy and tasty the meat, he said, could have had more flavor. The filet was a bit dry as well, although this was somewhat alleviated by the accompanying chutney.

Lebanese Coconut Chicken at Cafe Oasis
Lebanese Coconut Chicken at Cafe Oasis

I, on the other hand, was craving beef and so when my burger (€7.95) came I attacked it with all the ferocity of a hungry Calgarian. The Irish beef patty did not disappoint either and I was very happy with my meal. A simple burger, well done, accompanied by chips that were also tasty and well-fried, was all I needed for a happy tummy.

Beef Burger at Cafe Oasis
Beef Burger at Cafe Oasis

One word: yum.


Café Oasis
54 King Street North
Smithfield, Dublin, Dublin 7
+353 1 874 0070

Pros: Solid food here and quick and polite service.

Cons: Again, Jack’s chicken could have been a tad more juicy but that was it.

The place isn’t spectacular, but in the same breath the food is very decent and tasty. If you must go out but want to make sure you get good value for your money, I’d recommend Café Oasis easily. Happy eating!


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