Queen of Tarts

Surprisingly we’ve managed to review quite a number of restaurants and small eateries in Dublin in the time that we’ve been here. The Queen of Tarts was a delicious last repast and I’m sure you can guess how it ended.

Imbued with a number of recent awards, the Queen of Tarts was tightly packed and they had to refer customers to their sister shop located just a few blocks away. Jack and I were lucky enough to get a seat (a couple was just leaving as we came in) and we ordered our tea eagerly after looking at the menu.

queen of tarts dublin ireland

As both food and drink came we were charmed by the large portions, chintzy plates and tiny tables throughout the place. If Madam Puddifoot’s existed I’d expect it to be just a little more glammed-up version of Queen of Tarts, really. Jack ordered an Irish coffee (€5.95) and a slice of Queen of Chocolate fudge cake (€4.95), both oh-so-decadent on their own and heavenly in combination. The fudge cake was dark, heavy and rich and paired very well with the Irish coffee, a stiff and strong drink all by itself. Jack enjoyed his treat immensely, only sharing a few bites with me and eating practically all of it himself (a mark of a well-done dessert, really).

irish coffee chocolate cake queen of tarts dublin ireland

I ordered the hot blackberry and apple crumble (€4.95) alongside a pot of Earl Grey tea (€2.10) and my oh my was it delicious. The portion was massive but not overly sweet, the apples avoided being mushy and the blackberries added the sour tang necessary to keep the whole treat continually interesting, not just sweet.

tea time queen of tarts dublin ireland

blackberry apple crumble queen of tarts dublin ireland


Queen of Tarts
Cows Lane
Dublin 2, Dublin

Pros: I can’t say enough how lovely the atmosphere was or how delicious the sweet treats were. The Irish coffee was done well and we were both so pleased with our desserts.

Cons: Yes, this place is pricey especially if you’re looking for a quick snack, but you really wouldn’t come here for just that. The place is also small so finding a seat during its busy times will be a challenge.

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Come here for a special date and enjoy the food as much (or possibly even more, depending on who you’re with) as the company! Dear Queen of Tarts, you were the perfect way to end off Dublin.


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