London: Camden Town

Camden Town is like an English night market open in the daytime, full of bargain dresses, artisan stalls and delicious ethnic foods.

Neither Auntie L or I bought any of the bargain dresses this time around, but that’s partly because we spent our cash on buying a variety of foods.

london camden town london camden town el mexicano

From furthest away to closest to the camera you see: someone else’s food, lamb korma, Taiwanese fried chicken, a Mexican chili quesadilla and Greek gyros with donair meat.

camden town gyros curry taiwanese chicken mexican quesadilla

We went exploring into the darkening afternoon and found a number of artisan stalls. Now when I say artisan, I mean artisan.

Meet Marc. Marc makes the chocolate you see in the picture and was trained by the former head pastry chef at Claridges. He was cheerful, friendly and encouraged us to sample bits of featherweight fudge and stunning marbled chocolates. Oh yeah, he’s also seriously talented – have you ever seen chocolates that literally shine?

whisk & whites marbled truffles camden town london

Even though Christmas was past, we couldn’t help but feel like merriment still hung in the air, what with all the lights and sugar around us. Good ol’ Camden Town.

camden town


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