London: Covent Garden

The more markets we go to in London, the more we realize that London is just jam packed with things to see and do… and eat.

Of course, appreciating the architecture should hit your senses first. London is a delightful amalgamation of the old and the new. Beehives coexist beside regular ol’ brick buildings, while the glassy arches of Floral Hall mingle with the stately columns of the Royal Opera House. The Bridge of Aspiration twists buildings into each other and amidst this all Covent Garden is.

One of the first things a student recommended I try in London was pie and mash. Thus we found ourselves (finally!) at a pie shop. The Pie Shop, in fact, where we (Auntie L, Jack and I) ordered and devoured a mouthwatering steak pie. Just look at that gravy!

the pie shop battersea covent garden the pie shop steak pie covent garden


Musicians play within the covered market as well and shops of all sorts can be found. Unfortunately many of the stalls didn’t allow photography; understandable since many of their works were original pieces of art, so I don’t have photos of the stalls, but we saw whimsical clocks, intricately carved wooden flowers and iron stamps as well (of which I found a few for my mum).

musicians at covent garden people walking covent garden

From Covent Garden it’s a quick stroll down to South Bank, where a book market opens every day under a bridge. Surrounded by colourful graffiti and art installations, the walk was brisk and cool but well worth the glorious sights for our wide-opened eyes.


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