Nellie’s Break the Fast

Wait, Jack? Writing a restaurant review? That’s a new one. Only because Andrea wasn’t actually there when I went out to Nellie’s Break the Fast.

2015-07-09 06.51.27

I went to Nellie’s with a good friend from my Student Union days of yore to catch up. This was at 7 am in the morning, after an overnight shift at the Calgary Stampede, so do keep in mind that I was quite tired at this point (not tired of the company mind you).

Nellie’s Break the Fast is a comfy breakfast’y-type place just off of 7 Ave where the C-train turns off to head North. It’s in a convenient location for those coming into downtown to catch up with their downtown friends. The place is brightly-lit with plenty of windows and also opens up into the interior of the building there.

2015-07-09 06.55.30

Our meal started off with a steaming cup of hot water for more (strangely questionable depending on where you visit in the world (e.g. London because they’ll be all “what? Not tea?” followed by a quizzical glance)) and a glass of juice ($3.50) for my friend.

I went with a Farmer’s Omelette ($11.95) which had Italian sausage, chives, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese. I don’t exactly know what chives taste like, but there wasn’t really a chives-vibe from the omelette. The omelette itself tasted decent, although it was just warm rather than hot when it came out. The potatoes were lightly-salted and flavoured, which was quite refreshing.

2015-07-09 07.13.24

The friend went with the Choclate Chip Pancake Combo ($12.25) which came with a side of fruit. He quite liked the pancakes, but was disappointed with how ‘store-bought’ the ham had tasted.

2015-07-09 07.13.30


Nellie’s Break the Fast
1000 7 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta

Pros: Food came quickly and the atmosphere was nice.

Cons: Food tasted average, wasn’t exactly hot from the kitchen, and presentation was lacking

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Unless you’re really pushed to eat out and there aren’t any other places available, I wouldn’t really recommend this place when you’d be able to make a similar (if not better) breakfast at home.

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