The Non-Audio Visual Tour of our China Flat


It’s been awhile since the last post (for obvious reasons)! Reasons like: school, getting our new place set up, finding a vehicle (see the featured image), getting used to school and work-life balance here, getting to know new friends, and going to Shanghai and Beijing.

All of the posts and such will come in due time, but for now you’ll be treated to a tour of our new flat! It’s at least three times as big as our London flat at one third of the price. Go figure.

Living room and laundry room
Living room and laundry room

The flat came all-furnished (paintings on the walls included). In fact, it was so furnished that we had to tear down a lot of the more intensely-garish super Chinese decorations from the walls. You could say that the walls were more red than anything else. It’s nice to finally have a couch in the flat though! It’s definitely much more comfortable than always sitting in the bed or at the dining table.

A television!? It's like we're living in the future.
A television!? It’s like we’re living in the future.

In fact, the couch is quite handy for watching things on a television! We didn’t even have one of those in London. There’s even a fancy A/C thing that can do some temperature-magic in the room. It’s as if the arctic was flowing through its vents.

Our 'dining' area.
Our ‘dining’ area.

This is our dining area where we partake in the delicious home-cooked meals of wife. Sort of. We eat a lot on the couch. It’s so great. Notice the extra sunroom in the back! We’re never even in there, except there’s a microwave in there for food reasons. It also has quite the nice view of farmland from behind our building. Additionally, there’s a brand-new completely unused desk that we could sit at (but decidedly don’t)!


The kitchen’s actually quite small, but still functional in its own cozy little way. There’s a gas stove which heats things up extremely quickly, and it throws me off whenever I try to fry eggs. The kitchen was quite dirty, to say the least when we first moved in. Grease-stains everywhere! So we’re really trying to keep it clean. Somehow.

The spare 'bedroom'
The spare ‘bedroom’

The spare bedroom has been converted into an exercise room. Notice the lavish amount of expensive exercise equipment sitting in here. We’re totally ready to work up a sweat and burn off all them excessive calories.


Our bedroom also has a television. That one’s not in use. Probably because the couch is more comfortable. Also because I don’t know if we have cable, we haven’t really tried. The window sill provides a perfect place for suntanning and lounging while reading books.

As you can see, our place is quite nice! It’s quite different from what I thought an apartment would be like in China, but I believe I’ll leave the prejudices post for another time.


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