London: British Museum

One of the things I’ll miss most about London was all its free museums. There’s never a dull walk with all these places of things in such proximity to home.

Well, there’s also all the towering buildings with intricate details at the top. I’ll miss that too.

british museum england london

There’s always examples of stunning interiors that convey something so different from their exteriors.

british museum england london architecture

And there are so many pieces of art, ranging from the whimsical present…

british museum england london contemporary art facebook vase

… to the ageless past. (Seriously no matter how you slice it, that is one amazing piece of art).

british museum england london art fern


We also tried a new snack. Apparently Terry’s Oranges makes doughnuts as well as chocolate balls.


We were so entertained by the different selections in the British Museum (just think, an exhibit demonstrating the amount of medicine the average person consumes in their daily lives) that we almost missed one of the biggest attractions: the Rosetta Stone!

british museum england london terrys chocolate orange doughnut donut

I remembered learning about the Rosetta Stone from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego! We really only clued in on the fact that the Rosetta Stone was actually on display (even though it’s been there since 1802, apparently > >) after seeing Rosetta Stone keychains and replicas in the gift shop (see, that place can come in handy!). Running around the circle of the museum, we soon found the room where dozens of people were all streaming in to press their noses against… this.

british museum england london rosetta stone


Can you imagine? This is the stone that provided historians and translators with their first real insight into Egyptian hieroglyphs and the meaning behind the symbols. As a government announcement translated into the three commonly spoken languages of the time, it just goes to show that government posters can be effective long after their time =D.

british museum england london mdoel ship

We finally exited, but not before snapping a picture of this beauty. I do love model ships.



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