London: Southbank Food Market

Later that night, we met up with some Vancouver friends to check out a food market by the river.

The Southbank Food Market is held every weekend from around noon until 8 PM (on Fridays and Saturdays) and until 6 PM (on Sundays and bank holiday Mondays). In the chilly night we walked from King’s Cross (where we met with Jackk and Arnold; holla Vancouver!) down across Waterloo Bridge to reach the gleaming smorgasboard that awaited us in clusters of steaming tents.

south bank food market london england pizza

Pizza anyone? Jackk and Arnold were super stoked to see food, so we all spread out and bought food with which to stuff our faces :D

First up for Jack and myself was a korrito, from Korrito – Korean BBQ & Burrito. Spicy slow-cooked pork belly, kimchi fried rice and all the fresh veggies in a soft flour tortilla made for an amazing first course, and only for £6 as well.

south bank food market london england korrito


.The next meal was actually vegetarian: some sort of massive Polish potato griddle cake that was steaming hot and cheese-studded and it was absolutely amazing. Someone else had a hot dog but at this point I was too happy to care.


We were surprisingly full after those two, so we then turned our attention to dessert. Oh London. How I miss you for your sweet baked goods.

south bank food market london england polish snacks


Arnold bought chocolate covered sponge toffees to share (thanks, Belinda’s Kitchen!)…

south bank food market london england belindas kitchen sponge toffee chocolate


From Belinda’s Kitchen! You can find more at

I finally got to buy cannoli! The cream was rich but lightly flavoured and the roll was crisp (thank you thank you Casa Cannoli) and oh it was so good! 4 for £5 too; what a steal.

south bank food market london england casa cannoli


… and Jackson bought cookies to share, that kept us company all the way from the food market back up to the National Gallery (from Galeta)! Soft and chewy, just what you’d want in the perfect face-sized cookie on a breezy night.

south bank food market london england cookies galetta


Instead of going to a noisy packed bar on a London weekend, make sure you check out the Southbank Food Market and try some delicious chow!



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