Happy New Year!

This is quite possibly the last year of this blog, unless something changes.

In the past several months I’ve been attempting some things:

  • Less “random browsing” — which invariably leads to temptation on my part to browse things I believe are wrong for me to dwell on
  • More “productive time”: this includes reading my Bible and praying, journaling, cooking, baking and various artistic endeavours
  • More exercise — I’ve been using the¬†30 Day Fitness App¬†since the beginning of December and intend to post about it soon
  • A greater separation of work and home; I know teaching can be all-consuming but I intend to show my kids (students) that there’s more to life than just your job

You’ll notice that most of these are simply increases. I no longer believe that I can completely overhaul my life to include a ton of new changes, and have instead opted for incremental changes.

This brings me to the blog. Technically it’s an act of creation, and a discipline in itself. But I haven’t felt the need to type things up so publicly for so long. Really, I think the greater motivation is that I’ve sunk my money into maintaining this website for another year and so I might as well see if it’s a hobby that I want to improve upon.

So this time I’m making a small change: every time I write, I’ll write at least two posts and separate them. And then hopefully, somehow, this will persist. That the holidays are now upon us in China really does help: I’ll have time and space to create, create, create.

Until the next post, may you eat well and healthy and enjoy the family around you.



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