Goin’ Down

Well, it’s official.

alibioe.com will no longer be its own domain for the foreseeable future.

I’ll still post; in fact, getting my blog up and running is still a goal. There’s so much I want to do and so many ways for me to put down my phone.

But I’ve been spending the 30-some odd dollars to keep this running for several years without updating it much and I feel that my money, however small, could be better used elsewhere. That is, until I start blogging regularly again.

The new school year already seems fraught with peril, or opportunity, depending on your point of view: a new part-time administrative position, working towards an M.Ed, and tons more staff coming into our school. I foresee a lot of work ahead and as much as I would like to be optimistic and say that I can still keep up the blog, I don’t want to commit my money to that hope at this moment.

Continue to visit Jack and me here, at alibioe.wordpress.com!

Maintenant,Β Γ Β la prochaine!


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